Zac efron dating quiz

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In the hopes of winning her over, Dylan throws Gert a few fascinating slices of autobiography. In fact, he's already completed two Ironman triathlons in his relatively short lifespan.

Tackle multiple choice questions, true or false questions, or yes or no questions, and more to test what you know and know what you don't.

While we imagine you're all caught up on the most pertinent Zac Facts — that his last name means "lark" in Hebrew, that he was once allegedly attacked by transients during a late-night sushi run, that his "butt double" encountered some legal trouble in 2017 — there's something you might reboots and buying the occasional Hollywood Hills mansion for .995 million, facts on Dylan are relatively sparse when compared to his older brother.

We know he's four years younger than Zac and, of course, also a California native.

I love Zac Efron, they love Zac Efron, everyone loves him, not just for High School Musical but for his later projects as well. He ain't your innocent looking High school Musical boy anymore, he has grown to be a rough and tough muscular, handsome hunk. Well, he is not just handsome but a cool dude and awesome actor as well.

He has established himself among those top ranking male actors. He is a good singer too, you have seen him singing in movies like High School Musical and The Greatest...

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