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Because up until that day I was an idiot, but nobody else knew.

But you know where it all went wrong was the day they started the spelling bee.

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youtube brian regan are you dating anyone-9

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" "I know he's got a new driver" "How is that possible that wouldn't come up? " "The hundred and fifty marker's there, probably about a hundred and thirty-five.

It's the first time I'd seem him since the divorce. " "I don't know" "I thought you went golfing with Gary today" "I did" "And you don't know how he's doing? " "I don't know." "Were you two in the same golf cart? You were in the same golf cart for four hours and you don't if he's dating anyone?

I mean, does everything have to be so black-and-white in this kindergarten country of ours? You’re going to have to let her drown that third one." My mom, for most of her life, was a Holocaust denier.

"There’s no excuse for domestic violence." It sounds like a challenge.

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