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This has equipped me to build a magazine ecosystem that includes magazine modules and courses; 101 in print and online as part of an emerging digital network; an array of potential brand extensions; the Cover 2 Cover student magazine association; an annual magazine and digital media conference; and networking opportunities to build on the a student-organized tour of New York companies. First and foremost, it serves as a training ground to help increase media ownership across lines of race, ethnicity and gender in accordance with the university’s push toward entrepreneurship in recent years.

Similarly, it is also helping to diversify staffing and management in magazine publishing, a field that is far less integrated than newspapers, radio and television — so much so that it has traditionally been reluctant to release demographic figures on hiring, retention and promotion.

101 serves a diverse group of men and women who want to stay in the know about issues that affect their lives.

They are intelligent, progressive and upwardly mobile.

Truesdale, who owns a spin studio named Spin Energie, was once placed in the list of ‘10 Actors to Watch’ by Daily Variety.

On a personal level, the actor is not very open to interactions with the media.

At Howard, 101 is helping to fill a void by meeting the demand of students across disciplines who are clamoring for instruction and opportunities in magazine publishing, including digital media components.

And this is the reason the Canadian-American artiste is active on Twitter and Instagram.

In addition, I have developed a Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation course for students in all CHSOC majors, including those inspired by 101 to develop their own magazines.

For the final project in Interactive Editing class, students are required to research an article idea of national or international interest, identify a non-Howard writer, explain the idea in an assignment letter to the writer and plan multimedia.

As a supporting actor Truesdale has appeared in the series ‘Bad Karma’.

He has also guest-starred in the TV shows ‘Les héritiers Duval’ and ‘Rumours’. Some of his famous TV film projects are ‘Lance et compte: All for one’, ‘Prince Lazure’ and ‘See Jane Date’.

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