Wsus server not updating itself 2016

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You may have to get a windows Client WSUS test tool to determine what might be going on, are there any errors? Download the july cumulative update for server 2016 manually, install it and reboot.

afterwards, see if it works: wow thanks Mc Knife , today morning i found that update installed properly , but i noticed yesterday when i installed the update july cumulative update for server 2016 i got the error while checking the windows update (0x8024401c) this error related to what and how to avoid this error , attached the screen shot.

checking for updates every three hours is rather unnecessary.

do you use client targeting such that some systems are in one group under the wsus computers folder, ... in which case, unless the update is approved for all, it will not be seen as available for install by members of the unassigned group.

I have installed an update using the Windows Update API but the following screen does not update.

After deploying WSUS on a Server 2012 R2 Essentials machine, I allowed WSUS to update itself with KB3159706.

I have tried registering few DLL's and have restarted teh server, still the updates are not getting in the WSUS Server itself though the updates are getting downloaded from Microsoft. Pls let me know the possible causes of this error and what should I do to resolve this.Please note that I have provided the WSUS Server name ( in the SPECIFY INTRANET MICROSOFT UPDATE SERVICE LOCATION " in WSUS GPO setting (its own name) for the WSUS Server itself. Thanks and Regards, Hi, The updates are getting downloaded.The minute I approve the updates, I check if the updates are getting downloaded by clicking the WSUS Servername in the console. I ran client diagnostics and everything passed and i verified if the policies are getting applied by running RSOP and it is showing the right wsus policy from AD. var microsoft = microsoft

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