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Raid times where provided are server time and multiple raid groups are separated with semicolons.---------------------------------------ALLIANCE---------------------------------------Reserved If you weren't around in T13 - the way I tracked guilds was an automated script that scraped wowprogress, guildox and wowtrack.It's my intention to eliminate the dependence on wowtrack this tier, because however nice it is, no one uses it and it's information is frequently stale.Just from looking at trade chat, there are several more guilds now, particularly horde side.If you need to be added/edited - pst me in game (I'm usually on this toon) or via battletag: Fim#1909For the realm history buffs: T13 thread - If you need your website/raid times updated, reply here or PST in game.In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through several troubleshooting steps to fix problems syncing files to One Drive on your computer.When none of your files are syncing to the cloud, it could be an issue with the account connection.Although you can store One Note notebooks in One Drive, the note-taking app uses a different sync process.If you want to share a notebook, you should make it available to other users using the One Note app.

Although you can come across several issues with One Drive, syncing files is among the most common problems, and usually, it happens as a result of account issues, outdated client, incorrect configuration, and software conflicts.To add a new One Drive account on Windows 10, use these steps: Although the One Drive app for Windows 10 can update automatically, it doesn't always work as expected.You could end up with an outdated client that can cause syncing issues.Reserved This will take a day or two for me to get up and running again in T14.In the interim, I've copied over the names, webpages and raid timers from the T13 thread, and updated/removed the guilds that needed updating or removing.

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