Who is xavier samuel dating norah jones dating history

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Mostly, people remember him with his work in the movie named September.Xavier also worked in The Loved Ones as well as New Castle is another best work which is undertaken by him.You end up spending some time in Sydney, and some time in L.A."JF: "It's also sort of what your year is looking like too.

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Ian initiates the relationship with his best friend's mother, and it's really about love. Then for reasons that he can't understand, they decide to stop it and put an end to it, and say, ' We've gotta move on with our lives, we can't keep doing this.' And he just really doesn't understand why that's necessary.

After I finished a job in America in the middle of last year, I just went back home and hung out there for six months."XS: "It's good to go back and refuel and process what's been going on."So what's next for you both?

JF: "I'm attached to a few things, but they're very..."XS: "...they're secretive? "JF: "No, it's just that there's no point in talking about something unless you've actually been on set and have done it."XS: "This industry is a house of cards.

When something's kind of uncomfortable, controversial, dangerous, I think it promotes all sorts of different reactions."What was the hardest scene to film?

XS: I think the film is quite intense, and the scene towards the end where my character Ian feels very betrayed by everyone else around him.

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