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It was not just a legal case and the local police were also involved in it.

It is said that the Boca Raton police personnel had to visit their home three times to ease the domestic disturbance that resulted over the issue of the eviction.

Despite Kasey leaving the former couple’s home, Mario is still out for revenge.

But the couple divorced in 2015 when Ramona discovered that he has a secret mistress. Mario was dating Kasey Dexter who was his new girlfriend during the time he was still married to Ramona Singer.

I’m very fulfilled with my friendships and my family, so it’s all good.”And I’m just over here hoping Ramona is blessed with a man who has no problem being on camera. TELL US- DO YOU THINK DATING IS HARDER WHEN YOU’RE ON REALITY TV?

I would love to watch Ramona’s relationship play out. Or better yet, a Ramona bachelorette party with her daughter Avery Singer wincing with embarrassment and scolding Ramona on partying responsibly. WOULD YOU DATE RAMONA OR SET HER UP WITH ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS?

Ramona lamented, “They write a lot of things that just aren’t even true. Yes, I’m in the public eye, but I really am a private person.” Which is apparently acceptable for Ramona, but for her co-star Tinsley Mortimer, who “doesn’t share enough,” according to the New York Housewives.

Meanwhile, the beginning of Season 11 was basically The Tinsley Mortimer Show with all of her ups and downs taking center stage, minus some transparency about her source of funds.

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