Who is kane dating in real life

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Flip, the crown prince, is intrigued by Brayden and decides to invite him to be his plus-one at the upcoming Lyngria charity ball, in order to avoid any match-making attempts by his parents. I really liked the look into the real life of a real life prince (yes, yes, I know this is made-up) and was impressed by how normal these people are (written).

He's looking forward to his upcoming vacation in Lyngria (tiny made-up country), which he'll start once they get to Paris.Brayden has some hang-ups that need to be resolved before their romance can become their HEA, and Flip make a huge mistake that nearly costs him dearly. ** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 stars Fake relationships are a trope that can be fun and sweet if done right. The characters are utterly charming, the pacing is spot on, and this book just works. He’s had something in his past that keeps him from committing, but he enjoys life.Obviously, this being a romance, the HEA does happen, as expected, even if feelings get hurt and there's a short time in which... The author did a fine job with the fake-boyfriend trope, and this being a Dreamspun Desires title, the backdrop is grand and rich, with the writing style being a nice fit for the setting. He’s funny and charming, and it comes across so well on page.I loved this character, his sassy mouth, his sense of humor, and his ability to roll with it. Set in a fictional Baltic country called Lyngria, it contains a fake boyfriend, an openly gay crown prince, some utterly charming members of a mixed-race royal family, and an unexpected whirlwind romance with lots of heart.It all starts as a seemingly innocent date for a charity ball, but with both men being attracted to each other fr A royal deception could be bad, but an accidental romance sounded very promising when I read the blurb of what turned out to be a very entertaining and fun novel.

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