Who is holly durst dating now

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It’s probably even harder to do so when you have around 30 men or women all trying to charm their way down the aisle.

So it’s not surprising that many of the Bachelor or Bachelorette couples didn’t get the happily ever after they all signed up for.

After the evidence was all laid out on the table, no one was surprised when the couple announced their breakup.

5 I don’t think there was a single person who believed Jillian picked the right suitor.

Contestants and fans of the show all saw the break up coming from a mile away.

The unmemorable season lacked key moments in which we could see how deeply the couple cared about each other.

Needless to say we all had our money on the fact that the two would never tie the knot.

Shockingly, the photographic evidence proved that Ben had cheated on Courtney with three different women all within one weekend.

As if that wasn’t enough to force Ben to come clean, a witness then came forward in order to described the “physical interactions” that had occurred.

2 Despite the couple managing to stick together for 5 years after the show aired, viewers were still not surprised when the couple finally broke up.

Evidence that all might not be perfect in paradise arose during a show reunion when Byron joked about not actually marrying Mary.

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