Who is cielo garcia dating

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While on LOST, Garcia was able to land a handful of film gigs including Little Athens (2005), Deck the Halls (2006), and Sweetzer (2007).

In addition to the film gigs, Garcia wrote the blog, Dispatches from the Island about LOST and was the host of Geronimo Jack’s Beard, a weekly podcast that centered on the season 6 of LOST.

Garcia began dating novelist, and Lost co-star Bethany Leigh Shady in 2007.

They stuck together until 2013 when many began to speculate that the pair had broken up as they were no longer seen together publicly.

Still in 2013, Garcia began appearing as a guest star in the season 4 of Hawaii Five-0.

His role of Jerry Ortega progressed to a main role by the 5th season.

After LOST came to a successful end, Garcia had guest roles in How I Met Your Mother, Mr. He was cast in the FOX series, Alcatraz, but despite a promising start, the show was cancelled due to low ratings.

Garcia portrayed Apple engineer Steve Wozniak in 2013 parody film i Steve.

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