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On a few occasions he played a more robust patient care role than any other nurse has, displaying some health care skill and some spirited patient advocacy, standing up to physicians several times.

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And we could get into a discussion of how has blundered into the very real benefits of getting hospital patients up and around, as nurses have always done, but we have to move on. Nurses--and physicians--must be able to explain why their way is the right one, using evidence, assessments, and scientific research. And Avery stops by to make fun of her, suggesting that there might be a medical emergency if she doesn't get the drain back in. Eli also doesn't get a chance to explain why the patient's lack of sleep is a problem--is it really?

Yet he seems willing to sacrifice the patient's wellbeing for Bailey, as if he would defer to a more senior physician--a glaring flaw in his advocacy, since, of course, even senior physicians can make deadly errors. Can you please just talk to him, smooth things over, so that when I go to take my patient back to radiology and get his drain put back in, he doesn't make a scene? In fact, nurses are autonomous professionals who report to nurse managers.

Oddly, the scene actually overstates nurses' authority; surgeons typically prescribe the removal of these drains and nurses would not generally just remove them without first consulting the physician, though nurses do provide advice on when that should occur. Managing those irrational nurses can be such a drag! Physicians can complain to a nurse's manager, but nurse managers are the ones with the power to "write up" nurses in the sense that they can impose discipline on them. If we remove the drain on day 3 instead of day 5 we can reduce the formation of fistulas by 30%.

Kepner is very upset because she will not be winning the contest. I need to be able to see the fluid to tell if there's an infection. Eli: You have your list, but I have 12 years of experience that tells me that putting that drain back in right now could actually put him at more risk for infection. Eli doesn't explain the infection risk--viewers may think that he doesn't really understand it. Bailey" while she calls him "Eli." Of course this naming disparity remains common in real life, but we would hope for better from a strong nurse.

Eli: Well, I can tell by looking at it that it's not infected. Best practices on post-op gallbladder surgery care may still be evolving, but if Eli is so sure that removing the drain earlier is better, he should be as willing to fight Bailey as the residents. The naming disparity suggests at a minimum that nurses are lower-class workers and, together with the "write him up" line, arguably implies that nurses report to physicians.

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