White parents against interracial dating

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He grew up in a very different culture and even family life and expectations were a little different. Subscribe to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today.

Right now we are all working on that with them in blending their family desires to mesh with those in our family.

Black Americans are no doubt looking to “make America great,” but not “again.” By Lois Johnson For The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Prejudice is a very real emotion and mindset.

It is an ugly attitude that can stay buried in one’s heart so deep that it can remain undetected.

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We don’t have the luxury of being quiet and accepting the status quo anymore.

We can truly say that we love him as much as we would if he were white.

We have always spoken highly of him whenever possible as an example of one who has come from a country of limited opportunities to America to pursue his dreams and passions.

As a result of this openness to say, “God, show me what is really in my heart,” He did expose my deep-seated prejudice against blacks. We were still coming out of all this erroneous thinking when our daughter and son-in-law were married four months later.

It was a difficult and at times uncomfortable period in our family as we made these internal adjustments.

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