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Electorates in western democracies increasingly want policies supporting "modern" family lifestyles which depend on women's employment Ferragina and Seeleib-Kaiser As political parties react to these changed policy preferences, the traditional differences in family policy positions between political parties decline.

More generous family policies are said to lead to higher employment rates for women, mitigate the risk of unemployment for mothers after a substantial period of leave, support a social investment strategy, and offset some of the costs of raising children.Ina referendum guaranteed women legal equality with men within marriage.In recent decades, the marital power has also been abolished in African countries that had this doctrine, but many African countries that were former French colonies still have discriminatory laws in their marriages regulations, such regulations originating in the Napoleonic Real life cam Switzerland sex that has inspired these laws.Women have been given equal rights in marriage in many countries, reversing older family laws based on the dominant legal role of the husband.Coverturewhich was enshrined in the common law of England and the US for several centuries and throughout most of the 19th century, was abolished.

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