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The Minimum and Maximum properties are used to set the minimum and maximum values that the progress bar can display.

I have setup a standard form with nothing but a button (to kick off the process), a progressbar (to show the progress through our file), and a label to act as a numeric representation of the value of our progress bar (this of course is optional and can be thought of as a percentage since our progressbar goes from 0 to 100). This tells the thread that we must use the delegate, which points to our Readfile() function, when we go to start the thread.

This means our file processing milestone was hit during the processing of the file.

A milestone meaning a place in the file we have determined that warrants updating our progress indicators for the user.

Load 'create two progress bars Dim Progress Bar1 As Progress Bar Dim Progress Bar2 As Progress Bar Progress Bar1 = New Progress Bar() Progress Bar2 = New Progress Bar() 'set position Progress Bar1. Location = New Point(10, 50) 'set values Progress Bar1.

Hi, I have some code that runs a long function and therefore I need a progress bar to show that something is actually going on. Value = Round((Rec Number / Max Size) * 100) but the last line returns an error: Property is write-only... Also, in you can throw application.doevents to make the screen update, is there a similar function in Access or do I not even need it?

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