Updating your computer is almost complete stop

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If nothing changes on your screen for 3 hours then you can now safely assume that your update froze and you have to get out of it.Another way to tell if the update is stuck or not is to check if there’s activity in your CPU usage, RAM and network.See the Windows Update support page at Microsoft Third-party applications, services, and drivers that start when Windows starts can cause software conflicts when trying to update Windows.If you're using a fast, wired internet connection and have a speedy solid-state drive (SSD) in your PC and are still having an issue with an update taking a considerable amount of time, you can try performing a clean boot of Windows 10 before attempting to update.Or so it might feel when you're watching an update sit still, you pacing around knowing that you have stuff to do on your PC.This isn't exactly a rare problem, and you'll almost always find a thread about it in our forum and in countless others around the web.

How to stop Windows 10 auto updates (and set a schedule) Have a look at these other articles for more help with Windows Update.

Updated July 10, 2018: I've refreshed this guide to ensure you're still getting the best advice when it comes to troubleshooting a slow Windows 10 update.

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Some updates need to cover a lot of ground, and a slow drive with files everywhere won't help.

Backing up your data and reformatting is never a bad idea, but the least you can do is give that old drive some new life with a defrag.

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