Updating steam hangs

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Attempting to playback a video within the steam client results in an error similar to: The FMOD audio middleware package is a bit buggy, and as a result games using it may have sound problems.It usually occurs when an unused sound device is used as default for ALSA.Please keep in mind that while your antivirus is turned off your computer is no longer protected against viruses, and browsing the web without the antivirus could potentially harm your computer. Note: After trying each solution, close the game before trying the following one. You can find out what libraries it requests by running .

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To correctly debug a program or shared library it is therefore important that these environment variables in your debug environment match the environment you wish to debug.This error usually happens for games that were not updated recently when Steam runtime is disabled.This error has been encountered with AYIM, Bastion and Monaco. Check for any programs that might interfere with the game or Steam, and disable them - If you are told you have a Virtual Driver or a Q: Driver this usually means you should disable them. Please do not forget to turn your antivirus back on once all solutions have been done and after trying the game to see if your issue has been resolved. Launcher issues only If the above solutions have not helped to resolve your issue please submit a ticket to us that includes a DXDIAG so that we can investigate further. If you mix the Steam runtime libraries with system libraries you will run into binary incompatibility issues, see steam-for-linux issue #4768.

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