Updating knob and tube

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In the 30's knob and tube was adequate for lights and electric circuits.

Today's air conditioners, dishwashers, and high current devices pull too large a load for knob and tube wiring to operate safely.

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Knob and tube should be replaced because the original wiring was designed to carry less electrical current than today's standard wiring.When tearing the lath & plaster off of the back hall of our home, built in 1933, we uncovered every homeowner's worst fear—the unexpected surprise of out-of-date electrical work.Our hallway, which leads to our basement, was laden with knob and tube.Before we could have new drywall put up, we called a local electrician to bid out the project of removing ten instances of knob and tube wiring.The bid came in around 0 and the electrician, with an assistant, spent about six hours updating the wiring.

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