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- If you can't understand the general idea of what the person is saying, ask him or her to explain in a different way. Don't feel pressure to laugh at their jokes (a confused smile may be enough). Your English ability is probably much better than the other person's foreign language ability!- If you think you understood but you aren't sure, you can check by asking, "Do you mean ....? - Try not to make the person feel embarrassed if he/she tells a joke or says something you don't understand.

Making friends or partners in a foreign country can be difficult, especially when you first arrive.

These are some things you can try: - Go up to peopleand introduce yourself, rather than waiting for them to come up to you.

- Keep speaking, without worrying too much about grammar.

For example, the author of this website organises the monthly London International Meetup:

Other international meetings in London are shown on the page Meetings.

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