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All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?"There he is," he says into the camera, which is streaming the footage to Facebook and thousands of viewers. Louis native and founder of Truckers Against Predators, Green performed five prior stings between launching the group July 7 and that morning's livestream. The girl, of course, is actually a decoy working with Green.With the camera in selfie mode, Green describes to his audience how the man had texted about his desire to take the girl's virginity and have anal sex.An officer told him not to get involved, he says, for the sake of his own safety. The trucker says he himself was sexually abused as a child, and he believes that citizen-led hunter groups are doing vital work, raising awareness that predators exist online and in real life, in great numbers, and that they're constantly looking for victims. "Whenever I meet one of these guys, I feel like I've actually saved a child that night.And instead of them meeting up with a little kid, they meet up with a 350-pound man." For Green, perhaps the hardest part of the job is keeping his cool when getting face-to-face with the sort of person who would drive to a gas station at a.m.

Louis police officers before launching Truckers Against Predators earlier this month.We could totally take everything to your boss and everything else.I'm interested in why in the hell you're trying to ruin a little girl's life that's a virgin." The man with the mustache just stands there, taking Green's verbal barrage. and overseas, with the hunters generally uploading videos of confrontations with men — and it's always men — who are lured into the trap by decoys acting as minors.(He says he carries a firearm for protection during the stings.) It also doesn't take a TV production to seek out targets. Here's how Green sets up a sting: First, decoys identifying themselves as adult women will post on various social media and messaging apps — apps like Meet Me, Whispr,, Meet Me, Live Me and Plenty of Fish, he alleges, are "terrible safe havens for pedophiles." These initial posts aren't explicitly geared towards predators, but rather offer an innocuous invitation, something like a 26-year-old woman in town for a night and looking to hang out."Within ten minute we'll get 80 to 100 responses," Green says.

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