Trickster updating process fail

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Since it was a personality thing, rather than a mechanical one I just decided to let it go and allow my players to play it the way they found the most fun.I don't normally give out inspiration, but for this I decided to tell them, they don't have to follow the flaws, but if they decided to occasionally, I'd give out inspiration if I thought it merited it.Thus, the once Trickster Rogue or “TR”, is now just called a “Rogue”.This guide has been updated and running since Module 10.5, which released November 8th, 2016.If they follow the trickster god's urging, they get to keep the magic item at the end.If they're being dicks and just wanna metagame, then maybe they don't get the bonus in the Acererak fight.I’ve given my best attempt to make this guide as easy as possible to read, understand and navigate.I cover every aspect of the Rogue for both veteran, returning and even new players alike.

So if you have questions, suggestions, requests, or anything of the like, just scroll to the bottom and leave a comment! If you wish, don’t hesitate to contact me in-game or via Discord!

Please note that I have not tested all races, so many of these are currently based on speculation and are subject to change as time goes on with further testing.

So for example in the fight with the beholder one of the trickster gods tells the host to run away in terror.

When it comes to choosing your race, a lot of players have different opinions.

Some take it very seriously, and prefer to take whatever race grants the best bonus, regardless of how tiny or large it may be.

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