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And she would know, as Rossiter is credited as an executive producer on several of the has been renewed for Season 2, the reviews have been positive, so it will likely garner more installments.

But before that happens, Netflix obviously needs to cast its new subjects, so how can interested parties apply?

"All I asked them to do was sit and have dinner with somebody, and I didn’t promise anyone a match." And while six contestants were asked on second dates, 24 weren't, so even if fans get cast on the show, they won't necessarily come out of it with a significant other.

That said, it may be just as fun — if not moreso — to watch these dates from the comfort of your own home, wondering after the subjects' backstories and what they'll do after leaving the restaurant at the end of the night.

This sentiment is echoed by Victoria — one of Luke's dates from Episode 1.

The primary architecture of the show, too, adheres to a simple, if effective formula: throw a group of beautiful, sex-drunk souls into a house, add endless amounts of liquor, stir, and wait for the drama to spill over.

"For example, a woman seeking a woman couldn’t go on a date with Lex, who is a man seeking a man." That said, the producer wanted the subjects to keep their options open in terms of smaller differences.

"I learned on many years of unscripted dating is part of being alive on Earth is you think you have a type, and you think you know what you want, but you’re often wrong," Rossiter says.

But such is the nature of TV that hinges on confession and courtship, where authenticity is a matter of perception: we yearn for the big reveal no matter how hollow it turns out to be, no matter how quickly we puncture its illusion.

The consumption of these shows became my own secret diet. In .” Then and now, I find myself striving for the opposite of this: I hope to whittle the spectacular into fact, to mold the exaggerated into a shield against imminent failures of the heart.

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