Tfs burndown chart not updating

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The temptation at the end of each day is to reduce the hours remaining to whatever makes the burn-down chart look correct.

This means problems won’t be visible early on, because they are being disguised, consciously or subconsciously, by people typing in the numbers they believe are expected of them.

TFS doesn’t allow a range, so people will start using the numbers.

In the worst cases, individual performance will be based on these numbers. Each team member is looking at a screen that shows the burn-down chart and their tasks.

Some team members will deliver everything allocated to them every Sprint, others will fail every Sprint.They won’t be looking at the tasks allocated to other team members.Some people will have a successful Sprint, others will fail – but the overall outcome is failure for the team.If your burndown chart isn’t telling you about problems early, it is entirely worthless. This turns the task binary – it is either done, or it isn’t – there is no middle ground.Your burn-down chart will actually work perfectly well.

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