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So I find myself here, a single man for the first time in.... And I'm REALLY not the bar/night club type of person. And a lot (or all) of my hobbies and activities tend to be just my circle of friends who I've known for years, and any women in that circle are either taken or I know we wouldn't be good as a couple. I don't have a lot of casual encounters that might turn into dates. I get all sorts of great matches, I GET likes and messages, but I rarely get anything beyond a single reply and even then it's a single reply in any given month. I have female friends who are doing the online dating thing and they get dozens of messages a day. Where if there is a place in Calgary can you meet women interested in gaming?

Not sure if it's your scene, but there is a geek speed dating event happening at CCEE on Friday - I'm planning on signing up for that, should be interesting at the very least!Worse case scenario, you hook up with an attractive girl, then later find out you have nothing in common and you move on.Who knows, maybe you'll have TONS in common.they're not all the same and it's annoying when people assume they are.Just letting you know that my match and I are dating. If you registered for an event, nothing would change, you are still registered and the event will still be happening.Things are going very well, he could be the one, if not he's pretty damn close and we are going to have fun finding out! If you are a returning customer, please reset your password to activate your old profile on the new website.

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