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While the 27-year-old superstar’s global arena tour will take her away from her British boyfriend for much of next year, an insider tells PEOPLE that the couple aren’t sweating it.“When Taylor tours internationally next year, they will figure it out,” says the source. Their relationship is amazing, because they are both committed to making it work. Last thing: snake fans are freaking out about this Buzzfeed article.Here are some increasingly rare candid paparazzi shots of Taylor Swift from the past few days, mostly as she’s been coming and going from various promotional events for her album, which dropped last week. it’s still selling well, and it’s already surpassed 1 million in just a handful of days.It’s a special kind of gift that Taylor has, that the album which probably isn’t her best or most sonically cohesive effort is the one that moves the most units the fastest.In 2010 he addressed the persistent rumors that he was not into women, he told MTV News, ‘If people want to say that, they can, but I’m not.

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She also lyrically implies that she was drinking heavily throughout the entire Tiddles mess. Because The Glorious Tiddlebanging made me feel like I was drunk too.

You cannot say the thought hasn’t crossed your mind once, especially with the media getting in on it, we have to admit they shape some of our opinions.

Sometimes they even plant the idea in our heads (not us! Nevertheless, we are here to answer the question, is Daniel Radcliffe gay?

In the 2013 movie, Radcliffe plays the late Beat poet Allen Ginsberg.

After that movie, it is hard to think of him as the boy who slept in a closet under the stairs, his performance was definitely ‘out of the closet’.

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