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A newly established gay Christian group, Changing Attitude Sussex, is aiming to make churches in the local community more gay-friendly.

Changing Attitude claims they are: “Drawn by God’s love to work for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the Anglican Communion.” Last month, over 70 people attended the group’s first meeting, held at the Chapel Royal on North Street, Brighton.

Benn is the president of the Church of England Evangelical Council, a traditionalist group that is opposed to the ordination of gay bishops.

In a recent letter, he wrote: “In classic Christian teaching, homosexual actions leave the actors facing God’s judgement without Christ’s mediating work.

We need to start questioning the knowledge we are given and make sure that those that question this knowledge are not silenced.”Sussex Decolonising Education Week is a series of events to learn about the meaning of Decolonization as it applies to the world today, and to discover how students can make changes at the University and in their personal outlook, in order to decolonize their minds.

Gavin Ashenden, commented: “There are a large number of gay people as well as Christians in Brighton, and a good many know each other and like each other as people.Teaching which encourages such behaviour is profoundly cruel, as it encourages people to sin.” In 2008, Benn boycotted the Lambeth Conference in opposition to Archbishop Williams’ attempts to liberalise the church on sexual issues.However, in an online article he wrote: “Compassion and care are needed. Jeffrey John became the first openly gay man to be appointed a bishop. John, who was celibate at the time, later stood down so as not to divide the church.In 2009 Akala founded the Hip-hop Shakespeare Company, in an attempt to reclaim Shakespeare for the modern world.The music theatre production company aims to explore the parallels between the works of Shakespeare and modern hip hop, and between classical and modern day poetry which he demonstrated in his talk.

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