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“I do think it is possible that ISIS has communicated directly or embedded with these local groups and found a way of helping plot, amplify and supercharge their capabilities and operational effectiveness on the ground.

The ISIS diaspora and expertise is real, and ISIS has global designs — in South Asia and elsewhere.” What the Islamic State lost in territory it did not lose in ideological influence.

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Early humans had also been to the island much earlier, leaving stone-age tools that can be dated to around 125,000 BCE.Sri Lanka’s president, Maithripala Sirisena, said in a televised address that police and security forces “would be restructured within a week” and that he expected to change the heads of all the security forces.The president acknowledged that the government had information about the local group since 2017 but said there was insufficient evidence to take legal action against its members.On Tuesday, video emerged of the suspected ringleader of the attacks and seven followers, their faces obscured by scarves, swearing allegiance to the Islamic State and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. “However, ISIS generally has built its global network by recruiting from existing extremist groups around the world,” she said.The Islamic State also issued a formal communique asserting responsibility for the attacks, which it said targeted Christians and “coalition countries.” The statement embraced the suicide bombers as “brothers,” identifying them by their presumed aliases and naming the churches and hotels each of them struck. President Trump has, on different occasions, declared the caliphate defeated and destroyed. S.-backed forces took the last territory controlled by the Islamic State — the Syrian village of Baghouz — in March. intelligence agencies have been tracking the group’s recruitment efforts and how they might encompass Sri Lanka, current and former officials said.

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