Simon cowell dating is zac efron dating miley cyrus

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Everybody wants to know the secret behind his remarkable change.

Simon Cowell is one of a whole host of famous faces on Television who has articulated about their diet and weight loss journey.

Vegan diets don’t limit to veggies and fruits only.

You can add up several varieties of nuts in your meals.

This would fill up the necessary nutrients quota without adding many calories.

These are good sources of iron, fiber, magnesium, zinc, selenium and vitamin E..

Well, he tries to stick to the vegan options available at mealtimes.

However, Simon doesn’t follow veganism practice 100 percent all the time.

These must be added as an alternative to meat, fish and other protein-rich sources.

Let’s have an overview of the nutrition side of these food items.

This would let you know- why Simon excluded these meal items out of his diet! Apart from that, the food has been associated with numerous health cases too.

Vegan diet is a practice or a way of eating which excludes any eatable obtained from animals.

Usually, the practice done in order to exclude animals’ exploitation and cruelty.

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