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After all, they will already have to pick up the pieces of the decision to let people splurge their pension pots.

I say again, the worst political decision of the century - so far.

Wisely invested, such pension funds (including the National Insurance surplus*) should be overflowing like a cornucopia !

Could it be that companies, particularly those sailing close to the financial wind, have found such funds to be a cheap way to find cash ?

Still better and more secure than any other cash alternative and with a much higher limit.

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It does seem reasonable that all kinds of allowances should be taken into account, including things like Child benefits There was a rapid U-turn on the proposal to let people who were forced to buy annuities (up until the 2015 budget) to offer them for sale.

If someone put 100,000 in stocks and shares in 2015 and decided to cash in 4% per annum, after the initial fall the extra punch of shares exposure helped these pots recover when markets rallied by the end of the two years, to 105,475, so they would have done better than if they had bought an annuity (and would still have their capital intact).

So, one does wonder why the expression "Pension Black Hole" has become so commonplace.

Savers who are persuaded to transfer their pensions to liberation schemes (before the age of 55) face losing more than half of their savings in tax penalties.

But the court case could see liberation operations declared "invalid" pension schemes, which would in effect ban them from operating. What happens to your pension when you die Hargreaves Lansdown have excellent aricles to help you make decisions e.g.

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