Serena and dan dating

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I don't think I remember any significant moments in their relationship beside having sex all over the place and fighting off Jenny's attempts to break them up.They did make for some beautiful tumblr gifs though.

When the focus is on them, they're kind of empty.

Nate and Serena could've been perfect, at least on paper.

But the way they had it happen was sort of one sided, what with her infatuation with Tripp while Nate's sort of pining and then after they finally get together and Nate messes up with her Dad, she runs to Dan at the first sign of conflict.

)…I seriously forgot how or why they broke up, I just didn’t care.)•Steven (the guy with a daughter a few years younger than her. (Ivy’s boyfriend – she did actually date him for a bit though)•Damien? (the movie star she pretended to date)Ok so those are all the ones I could remember. full spoilers in comments belowgood point - everyone forgave Ben way too fast.

He went from being all sketchy and "bad" plotting to ruin Serena's life, talking about how Serena should suffer.

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