Scot mckay dating coach

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"One thing is for sure, I've never encountered anything like what we are doing.

Most dating 'advice' is either geared towards immediate gratification and / or getting over dating failures.

That’s not going to happen if you rake in all the incredible women you can handle as quickly as possible. My name is Scot Mc Kay and I have good news for you: Online dating doesn’t have to be as hard as it looks…as long as you know the shortcuts to getting it right.

The ways to win at online dating are almost always counter-intuitive.

While with Young Life, he eventually worked with "at risk" kids in Yuma, AZ.

After a ten year career in networking and telecom, Scot has gone back to what has always been his passion—helping others live skillfully and successfully.

From there, he studied at Fuller Theological Seminary while on staff with Young Life, a relational ministry to teens.

But even though most men will never figure any of them out on their own, I’m about to reveal all of them to you.

Having personally experienced up to an 80% response rate and the ability to meet my top choices among women online whenever I wanted to, I’m ready to share exactly what works and what doesn’t with you.

But truly these podcasts would be incomplete without the amazing perspective Emily brings.

We trust that all of our listeners will gain a tremendous amount from ' X & Y On The Fly.' I know we put a tremendous amount of thought into the series." The podcast series is available as a free download from and is also listed at Yahoo Podcasts, i Tunes, Odeo, and Podcast Alley.

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