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Motivation for the question to follow: Some of the common mistakes we make in evaluating claims are resisting contrary evidence, looking for confirming evidence, and preferring available evidence.To counteract these tendencies, we need to take deliberate steps to examine critically even our most cherished claims, search for disconfirming evidence as well as confirming, and look beyond evidence that is merely the most striking or memorable.1947 Reliable Maggie Muggins doll, (storybook character by Mary Evelyn Grannan), 14" tall, all composition, red mohair braided wig, blue sleep eyes, painted freckles, open mouth, wore a turquoise cotton printed dress with white pinafore, shoes and socks, doll mark on back of head RELIABLE MADE IN CANADA.A Chubby Kid, cherub or carnival type doll with stationary legs.Visit Stack Exchange Firstly: please try not to bring creation/evolution into this.I will award the correct answer to a response which provides links to evidence and sound explanations.Marked: Reliable MADE IN CANADA1940 Reliable Cuddlekins doll, 19" tall, all composition, jointed hips, shoulders and neck, blue metal eyes, lashes, painted lower lashes, brown molded curls, open mouth showing two teeth, dimple on chin Mark on head: RELIABLE MADE IN CANADA1940-1941 Reliable Eaton Beauty doll, 18" tall, all composition, straight limbed, jointed hips, shoulders and neck, blue lithographed metal sleep eyes, lashes, brown mohair wig, open mouth showing teeth.1940 Reliable Topsy doll, 17" all composition, dark brown, jointed hips and shoulders, crier, black painted side-glancing eyes, painted upper lashes, black molded hair with three inset wool braids, open- closed mouth with two painted teeth.

Please respond with and flaws in my reasoning or any additional reasons why the experiment was flawed.Mark: A RELIABLE DOLL MADE IN CANADA1941 Reliable Babykins doll, 20" tall, all composition, jointed hips, shoulders and neck, blue glassine eyes, lashes, painted lower lashes, brown molded hair, open mouth showing two teeth.Doll mark on head: RELIABLE MADE IN CANADA.1941 Reliable Nurse doll, 24" tall, all composition shoulder head and forearms, excelsior stuffed cloth body and legs, blue painted eyes and upper lashes, molded light brown curls, closed mouth, wore a blue cotton dress with a navy cape and red trim.1942 Reliable Army doll, 13" tall, composition shoulder plate head and arms, excelsior stuffed body and legs, blue painted eyes, light brown molded hair, closed mouth, dressed in kaki jumpsuit, belt and hat, socks and shoes.edit 1 above i said Statistically significant disparity in measured ages is inconsistent with the assumptions required to make radiometric dating predictions.Therefore no prediction of the theory has been contradicted.

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