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The first incident was reported that the flight from Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) to Hong Kong (HKG) was expected to be delayed and seven passengers would definitely miss the original connecting flight from Hong Kong to Chicago, USA.Unfortunately, the next available flight to Chicago was almost fully booked and could accommodate only two more passengers.That approach might save the parents of young children and kill anti-social nerds and old people whose friends are all dead.Neither approach is is how today's algorithms value people, because they are predominantly owned by businesses, as Frank Pasquale has written in his book Black Box Society.Bloomberg recently reported that airlines make more money selling miles than seats.In other words, like Google and Facebook, airlines are now more multi-sided markets and less travel service companies.This is especially true of overworked, overscheduled humans whose bosses penalize discretion.



All backed by a 35,000-word contract of carriage, which United appears to have violated in any case.Farhad Manjoo, writing in the New York Times, argues that the airlines' road to the bottom of customer service has been technology-fueled. The quality of customer service is not easily quantified for either airline or customer.But seat prices, the cost of food and beverages, traveler numbers, staffing levels, allowed working hours - all these are numbers that can be fed into an algorithm with the operational instruction, "Optimize for profits". He had a heart attack and transplant back in 2016, so doctors literally saved his life.This is sure a backwards way of showing his appreciation to doctors.

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