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Conclusion The behavioural analysis presented in this paper identifies and adds detail on the range of factors influencing the target behaviour.

Some are unique to the target population, requiring targeted interventions for postnatal women, whereas some are individualised, suggesting the need for individually tailored interventions.

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Interviews were recorded and the interviewer made field notes.KE conducted the interview who had undergone training and teaching in qualitative methods.We collected demographic data on participants’ age, number of children, age of youngest child, employment status, education level and PA levels, measured using the International PA Questionnaire-Short Form (IPAQ-SF).Mean, SD and 95% CI were calculated and each item categorised according to importance. Results The questionnaire identified that new mothers would be more active if they had more time, felt less tired, had accessible childcare, were part of a group, advised by a healthcare professional, able to develop a habit and had more motivation.Additional themes emerging from qualitative data were engaging in PA groups with other new mothers, limited physical stamina following complicated births, social interaction, enjoyment and parental beliefs as motivation, provision of child-friendly PA facilities and environments and babies’ unpredictable routines.

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