Priscilla presley dating now

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Two years later, Elvis invited her to stay in his home in Los Angeles for the summer.

She came back to Graceland later that year to celebrate Christmas.

Alden and Presley had plans to marry and were set to announce their engagement to the world following Presley’s concert in Memphis.But, according to the Daily Mail, there’s plenty of negative content as well. He shot off firearms at a television set and a telephone, threw a dish of ice cream he was devouring when she decided to talk about calories and being fat.He always apologized for his passive aggressive behavior that he exhibited when he didn’t get his way,” the Daily Mail reported when Alden’s book was first released.As an Elvis fan myself, I just had to share this update with all his fans!Priscilla was 14 years old when she met Elvis for the first time in West Germany.

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