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It also protects against dust, dirt and water that could otherwise result in electrical issues and battery failure.

Fifty years ago, Gore’s technology played a significant role in the historic Apollo 11 mission.

Powered by lithium-ion batteries, they offer a clean alternative to combustion engines.

A new Gore vent reduces the weight and cost of next generation lithium-ion battery components and provides prompt relief of pressure build-up.

What does it mean, and what has it meant to be an individual?

What does it mean, and what has it meant to be part of a community?

Not only is this our 17th Eatery in New York State, it’s the third in the Capital Region!Everest, to electronic cables transmitting signals from Mars. You may know us for GORE-TEX jackets, ELIXIR guitar strings, medical devices and countless products for industrial applications, but we're always adding to the list.Read the article from Bloomberg Businessweek to learn more about Gore’s new ventures and how we are always advancing our technologies.and Travelocity has given a new twist to the idea of value-creation. There are several aspects of this deal, which will see Travelocity’s North American websites will be powered by Expedia’s technology, customer services and supply, that are worth exploring.

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