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Grappling With Troubling Tropes drew both from otome games and western romance conventions when creating its characters, including tropes like the “bad boy” and the teacher-student romance.The writers are clearly aware of the problematic elements entwined with these types of romance, which often implicitly or explicitly encourage the female protagonist/self-insert to ignore emotionally abusive or dangerous behavior from their partner in the hopes of “saving” them.

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While 2011 is still in very recent memory, it was nonetheless ahead of the curve in terms of breaking free of the boxes of narrowly defined “acceptable” romances (i.e. The game also included several prominent Black characters (as well as the option to make the protagonist a POC), two of whom are romanceable.appears, on the surface, to be a somewhat lax Harry Potter simulator with the serial numbers filed off for legal safety, but the player shouldn’t be fooled.It’s a simple premise with a somewhat outdated art style, even for the time, which disguises the unexpectedly smart script.Hanako Games (founded in 2003) was one of the oldest indie developers to take elements of this style, usually incorporating them with “raising game” (focusing on the development of the player character’s stats), RPG, or adventure game elements.They developed their first dating sim in 2008 with The plot is simple: players take on the role of a transfer student at a school for magic and guide the player character through their freshman year of classes, taking classes to raise skills, completing exams, and forming relationships with other students.

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