Php script for retrieving inserting updating and deleting mysql table

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Each record in the comments list view contain the Edit and the Delete buttons to trigger respective database actions.We have form controls to enter user data and trigger AJAX event to perform the database action.Now the problem is when performing the operation in b.php, if I clicked for another task, I need to get the incremented value to display in a.php, but it will show only the previous value, because the is not fully executed. However, if script A does not need to wait for operations of B to finish to give proper meaning to the count column (i.e., only waiting for the increment operation is necessary), then you need to do nothing special.

In the AJAX success block, I received the response text or HTML to update the user about the database action.View Demo I have created a database table to store the users’ comments.I have used j Query handlers to generate AJAX request for calling PHP CRUD code.This code initially displays the list of records from database table.It also has the comment-add form to enter text content to be inserted via AJAX.

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