Percent of marriages from online dating sites

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If you're single and looking, keep an open mind — there are so many possibilities.

Telling people you and your partner met online can seem kind of boring.

Workplace romances may be tricky, but 12 percent of people met their spouses through work, so it's not exactly uncommon.The researchers reached their conclusion by creating upwards of 10,000 randomly generated societies.Then they simulated the connections made through online dating in each society.It's possible — and more likely — that there's some self-selection going on, as University of Kansas professor Jeffrey A. That is, people who sign up for dating services may be more interested in a relationship, and even marriage, than say, people at a bar who aren't specifically there to meet a serious partner.As Business Insider previously reported, 80% of Tinder users say they're looking for a meaningful relationship — despite the app's reputation as a place to find hookups.

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