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But what happens when she realizes her parents are the world's famous Russo siblings? Don't tell Scor Sequel to A Rose Between Two Thorns. When Lucius Malfoy attempted to murder his younger son because he was weak, Dora and Andromeda stepped in to protect him and erased his existence. Stefan/OCVixen Charm is an average muggle taking her life one day at a time. Jess/Chris Madeleine Van Alen hates Draco Malfoy with a passion. Then Mia meets Damon and a love/hate relationship begins. Description sux, plz read OCRyan creswell is a girl saved from herself.

A new neighbor arrives and tests them to the utmost.

Before Elijah was turned into a vampire, he made the mistake of knocking up a woman, who was banished from their village by Mikael.

Now his vampire daughter is looking for him, but how will he react when he hears that she's in love with Damon Salvatore? Dan and Blair face the challenges of their newly discoverd love, all while dealing with the pressures surrounding them from friends and family. Damon and Stefan have been harboring a deep secret about their lives in 1864.

She will face vampires, werewolves, and witches as she grows more aware of the true history of mystic falls. After Klaus orders Elijah to find Katerina Petrova, Elijah travels to Belgium for a while and falls deeply in love with an already engaged young woman, but Klaus is not pleased with this and shows Elijah the punishment of ignoring his orders... Its the thing Draco Malfoy and Selena Knight do ALL the time. Can they help each other overcome their haunting past? And Damon Salvatore is set and determined to make her his. Will she finally capture the heart of her long time crush, Nate Gray? Also Justin likes Jade will he leave the doors open for Bori what about Alason don't forget to Review. R&R anyway plz its actually a really good story Natalya is forced to live with her mom in La Push. "Don't forget about yourself." He told her walking off and leaving her to think. Harry, a half blood orphaned wizard, living with his Aunt and Uncle. He messes with her but can the new boy Dean help her? Alex Amelia Moore is in her 4th year at Hogwarts, who is a proud Gryffindor.

-COMPLETE-Apollonia has only ever associated with Draco Malfoy outside of school. L.s peacefully, but a half-breed hater, a cocky Slytherin, and an oblivious Gryffindor won't even give her that much. What happens when all of Hogwarts gets sick of their rows. When Cassie Gilbert moves into Mystic Falls with her family, she is rapidly enlightened with the knowledge that Mystic Falls is no ordinary town. In another attempt to get hybrid Selina on his side, Klaus partners with a resurrected Lucy Stensrund, who knows all of Selina's dark secrets and is more than willing to share them. Alex is the new girl and get on the bad side of the "popular kids" but Nate "the collecter" starts to have a thing for her but is supposed to hate her. She hopes to leave behind the horrible secret, but its hard when you always carry a peice of it with you. And Embry seems to be the only one who can help"Alex you can't get any of those couples together." Mason told her with a look of duh. When these two meet at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry, friendship develops. She comes from a proud family of pure blood Slytherins, who also are good friends with the Malfoys.

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