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The medal that he won for “courage, endurance, and excellent leadership” and “extremely heroic conduct” during these five days, and John Hersey’s account of his heroics in became the early engines of his political career.He answered questions about his exploits with a self-deprecating, “It was involuntary, they sank my boat,” but he arranged things so that seldom a moment passed without his eyes resting on some reminder of PT 109.

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"Saoirse's sincere account of her depression is a powerful reminder of how so many people suffer alone and feel isolated," Kennedy wrote. Do whatever you can from your position in life to stop the isolation, the stigma, and the devastating lack of acknowledgement that often leads to tragedy.

Now 52, Patrick Kennedy said he sought help for his treatment for addiction in 2006 after crashing his car into a security barrier outside Congress, the Washington Post reported.

He returned to rehab in 2009, saying in a statement to the media that his recovery is a “life-long process,” CBS News reported.

Her physician had urged her to skip the 1956 Democratic Convention but she felt obliged to attend because her husband was a candidate for the vice presidency.

She went to her mother and stepfather’s estate in Newport afterward while he flew to Europe for a holiday.

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