Oruchuban ebichu sex

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She would show others what she was reading and eventually it was decided that the series was worth animating.

As a result, she was selected to voice the title character Ebichu.

Each adventure chronicles the housekeeper hamster Ebichu, devoted to her oft-indifferent owner, who she calls Goshujin-chama ("Master") and is only identified as OL ("Office Lady"), a single 28-year-old (she is 25 years old in the anime series) who doles out cynical commentary and the occasional beating on the rodent.

Such abuse is usually caused by Ebichu's almost disturbing lack of tact or propriety, which often embarrasses OL in front of other people. She often lacks tact and plays a practical joke on people.

It's far too silly and the art is much to "simple" to be erotic.

Still, it's definitely not for children or anyone who can't handle puns involving genitalia.

I would also compare it to "Azumanga Daioh" in that the stories are very short, and there seems to be no sense of continuity, so one could watch the episodes in any order and not be confused.

It contains a lot of sexuality and sexual references but it's not pornography.

Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice actress for the character of Misato Katsuragi, would read the Ebichu manga in between takes and laugh at the humor.

The result was a frequently hilarious, incredibly irreverent show whose short format perfectly suited the rapid-fire verbal and visual zingers.

According to one source, the origin of the anime stems from the production of For those not easily offended, it is an enjoyable series which would not require a huge investment of time to see.

Ebichu is very adult in nature, and its comedy, explicit violence, innuendo, and sexual intercourse scenes could only be shown on Direc TV Japan.

The uncut version of the series is only found on DVD. A sequel series called Oruchuban Ebichu Chu~ started serialization in the magazine Manga Action in 2018.

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