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We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.Online dating sites and apps have made it easier than ever to put yourself out there in the search for love. They've also made it convenient for so-called sweetheart scammers to prey on unsuspecting victims for their money or identity credentials so they can swindle them down the road.In fact, find someone who isn't as emotionally invested in finding you a relationship. You can live-chat with professionals at the ITRC or call the toll-free number—(888) 400-5530—to discuss any scenarios or get advice for a particular situation.Nigerian scam comes in many forms: 419 scam, when they offer to transfer millions of dollars into your bank account, or lottery scam, when they tell you that you've won something in some bogus lottery.In fact, the FBI reports that in 2016—the most recent year for which data is available—romance scams cost American consumers more than 0 million. The actual number may be even higher, because often people are too embarrassed to report such incidents.Eva Velasquez, president and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center, says that without face-to-face interaction, it can be hard to build trust."When you feel like you've made that special connection, it can throw you for a loop when you find out it's all fake," Velasquez says."Remember that romance scams are a confidence game, so these folks are going to appear to have all the desirable traits.

They might also be after your identity credentials or other personally identifying information.

However, Nigerian dating scam (or romance scam), besides just asking for money for their studies, sick relatives, etc..

usually involves this scheme: the scammers upload fake attractive photos, in most cases of white people.

Here are steps you can follow to protect yourself from unscrupulous fraudsters in your search for love.

It can be easy to assume everyone is out there for the same reason you are—to find a love connection.

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