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This 'Star of David' or 'Magen David' in Hebrew, is more associated with Zionism (a nationalist and political movement of Jewish culture), and the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.Also a common feature on Jewish headstones are the characters in Hebrew lettering for 'peh nun' , which means 'here lies.' You will notice on some headstone two different dates recording a person's birth and death.This enclosed graveyard was reserved for burials of Jewish people.Most of the first wave of Jewish immigrants to New Zealand in the 1840-1860 period, came from England where a serious depression had reduced economic opportunities.Hagshama Australia works to support young adults from around Australia to fulfill their Zionism beliefs via a dynamic range of social, educational and cultural Israel inspired events. Hagshama is a non-profit body, operating under the Department for Diaspora Activities of the World Zionist Organisation and has been running events in Australia since 1999. A big word in the Jewish community and a household name for young adults between the ages of 20-39 living in Sydney (and around the world – but we don’t like to boast). From social to cultural, education to spiritual, no matter what your taste, we’ve got you covered.We’re a young adult division of The Shalom Institute – a constituent organisation of the JCA. We have a fresh and interactive website, opportunities for volunteering, a Professional Women’s Forum, a revamped dating website and even an incredibly successful mother’s group.The Board had always considered that Celebrate Messiah NZ (CMNZ), with its focus on evangelism, shared our heart to see the Jewish people come to know Yeshua as their Messiah.

Shalom PREGGY, Shalom BABY and Shalom TOTS - we connect you along your journey of The PJ Library ("pj" for pyjamas) program offers the gift of free, high quality Jewish books and music each month to children ages 6 months through to 6 years across NSW and the ACT.

In a sad co-incidence, the first burial (which took place in 1844) was of six-month-old Catherine, the daughter of David and Rosetta Nathan.

The Jewish Centennial Memorial Hall is at the SW corner of this section of the cemetery.

Each year they organise hundreds of social and political events on and off campus, host a Political Training Seminar in Canberra, run a number of programs to Israel and around the world and provide Jewish students with useful educational resources.

[email protected] is the education department of The Shalom Institute.

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