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So, I don't yet have the need to a be loved by a special person", says the presenter cum film star Nirosha Perera when asked whether she has met anyone.She has a her slim-perfect figure and was wearing a comfortable T-shirt and a micro-mini skirt, tossing her hair which was adamantly stroking her pretty face and covering her enthralling cat's eyes on and off, Nirosha had a chat with 'Oomph'. i hate the people that who trying to cheat the people.Meet online and talk to strangers from the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world.She enjoyed her stay at Taj as she adored the peer association.Simultaneously she presented 'Fun Time' and 'Rivi Dina Sithumina' on Rupavahini. Her excellent fluency in Sinhala, English, French and Tamil has drawn fans of all the nationalities.She knows a little bit of Japanese and Spanish as well.Hence the live in concerts this 'Twity-bird' present are enliven with a different.

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Nirosha Perera, a dynamic all-rounder Nirosha was one of those who has had the rare personality of the best-all-rounder in school.They just happened."This dynamic and entertaining young woman has never had any particular hope for the future."Once our teacher asked the class what our ambitions were. nobody noticed that I am was student in the Commerce stream even at the time," she giggles.There wasn't a single event without her participation at the BLC International, Colombo in which she excelled both academically and in every extra curricular activity."Once I really wanted to join the audience and view the happenings on the school stage as I have never ever had the chance to do so.

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