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Melissa says, “I hurt my ribs last week doing a difficult move.

It was feeling better and then I hurt myself again.

She has been using a numbing patch to help ease the pain. Another day, another injury for Dancing With The Stars as Melissa Rycroft is the latest star to suffer an injury.

The 26-year-old former Bachelor star sat out of last night’s show.

The Full Pairing List is Below – • Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa • The reality star, 26, who battled a bad case of the swine flu last month, will be performing live on Tuesday night’s live results show. I was so happy I made it, but I also knew how much hard work was ahead,” says Melissa.

In other news, host Samantha Harris, believes viewers are in for an exciting semi final week.“It’s anyone’s game,” says Harris.

well since i am most definitely Melissa rycroft let me tell you. i took ballet and participated in cheerleading hence why i went on to be a dallas cowboy cheerleader GET IT?!

The doctors believe Melissa is suffering from a hairline fracture of the ribs.

I felt a blinding pain shoot down my side, so we decided it would be best to go actually have a doctor check it out.”Melissa has been touted has one of the front runners to win it all.

She was able to rehearse yesterday morning but did not feel well enough to perform for the show. Melissa thanked her fans saying –“I was doing alright but went to the doc before dress rehearsal for some last minute treatment and ended up having a bad reaction that’s affecting my breathing,” she wrote.

Someone please tell her and many others to stop using the incorrect term, 'most definitely'.

Definitely is an absolute and should never have a modifier.

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