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He had stomach cramps, indigestion, and constipation.He had trouble seeing; he had trouble urinating; he had trouble sleeping.Others were not so diplomatic, like the one who simply wrote, “Williams seems exhausted.So is this show.”The ratings foretold a bleak outlook: the first episode of was watched by about 15.5 million people, a respectable start that suggested at least a curiosity about the series.“I think there was inclusivity up until a point when things started getting a little weird.”That moment came around the time when Robin went to Los Angeles to start working on “I’m kicking myself for not visiting him during that time,” Zak said.“Because I think that was a very lonely period for him.In August 2012, he had appeared in an episode of the cable-TV comedy written by and starring the comedian Louis C. But I knew—when I pictured him going in the ground and nobody’s there, he’s alone, it gave me nightmares.” Robin replies, “Me too.”Later that fall, Robin was in New York making a film called another morbid indie comedy, in which he plays its title character, a surly lawyer who is diagnosed with an aneurysm and told he has 90 minutes to live.

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Every stage of his career had been an adventure into the unknown, an improvisation in its own right, but there was truly no road map for where he was now.On occasion, he’d just reach out and hold my shoulder and look at me like he wanted to say something.” When the friends said goodbye at the end of the night, Robin burst out with unexpected affection. You know I love you.’”On their car ride home, Crystal said he and Janice were barraged by calls from Robin, sounding tentative and expressing his appreciation for the couple.“He hugged me goodbye, and Janice, and he started crying,” Crystal said.“I said, ‘What’s the matter? “Everything’s fine, I just love you so much, ’bye,” went one call.Unlike his ex-wife Marsha, who saw it as her responsibility to decorate and maintain their house, to organize dinner parties and surround him with intellectual friends who kept him stimulated, Susan had been accustomed to living an independent life of her own.She traveled widely by herself and with her sons, and she did not manage Robin’s day-to-day affairs and did not always accompany him when he worked out of town.

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