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Many women sought to do something "creative and intellectually stimulating that would bring public recognition" (p. They created the United Daughters of the Confederacy to mythologize the "Lost Cause" and "installed domesticity as the new standard of elite womanhood" (p. Through these values, they were also able to better define their prejudices against blacks by portraying them as childlike and in need of civilizing.

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The marchers numbered over three hundred, including women and children and some Khoi. They were intercepted at the Salt River and 326 were captured. Adonis was sentenced to imprisonment on Robben Island. footnotes 6 to 20 of Chapter on "The impossibility of rebellion, pages 97-104). (It was one of two mass slave rebellions) In the years 1724-1737, a number of runaway slaves established a colony at Hanglip. Sentenced to be broken after having eight pieces of flesh pulled out wityh red-hot tongs. Sims was a pioneering surgeon who founded the first women's hospital and developed several tools and procedures for gynecology.The reason for the controversy: Sims performed his medical experiments on black female slaves.Two other fugi¬tive slaves gave him bread and tobacco; he ate grapes near another wine-farm. Once while Reijnier was away at work, she beat the girl brutally and rubbed salt into the wounds. He particularly resented not only the imposition of work, but also the lack of freedom to go where he wanted, to wear his own clothes and to have female company; all benefits which he had enjoyed in his own land. Finally he met with three slaves eating grapes in a third vineyard. When he returned and discovered what had happened, Reijnier attacked his master in rage. Since his master owned everything he had, including his life, he explained that he could only achieve freedom by escaping that life and thereby depriving his owner of his posses¬sion. In 1709, a Sinhalese slave, Jacob Smit gathered together a group of 45 slaves - including two women and a baby - from farms in and around Stellenbosch.

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