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At SELL inventory, we are all about helping your business maximize profit by help clear out unwanted stock.Whether its excess, underperforming, damaged returns, obsolete or short date food, we can buy it, and end your inventory problem today!According to the latest NFIB small business hiring data, 29 percent of small businesses currently have job openings they can't fill--a sign that owners are optimistic about the future and are working to meet increased demand in the marketplace.But don't be fooled by the positive small business outlook.Later this can often be resold for as much as five times the purchase price on a wholesale basis, and as much as ten times on a direct-to-consumers retail basis.A good starting point for purchasing bargain inventory (at least until the business builds a reputation and contact base as a liquidator) is to establish alliances with trustees that deal in commercial bankruptcies.Biz Buy data shows that the median time to sell a business dropped 23 percent from its peak of 200 days in Q2 2012 to just 153 days in Q4 2014--the lowest sale time since Biz Buy Sell began tracking this data in 2007.But even five months can be too long for owners dealing with a change in personal circumstances, a sudden turn of events in the marketplace or a new business opportunity that requires immediate action.

With liquidation, you won't receive anything for intangible assets like customer relationships and brand recognition.Generally the trustee appointed will either arrange to auction off the inventory assets of clients, put out a tender, or offer to purchase the inventory, which usually goes to the highest bidder on a cash basis.Reselling the inventory can be accomplished in a few ways including selling the inventory to retailers on a wholesale basis or selling the inventory in smaller quantities to other inventory liquidators.To play it safe, it's best to work with an intermediary who is experienced in communicating with interested buyers while protecting confidentiality.2. You may not have to sell your business to make a fast exit, especially if you're just looking for a way to remove yourself from day-to-day operations in order to focus on other personal or professional activities.If the business is profitable and growing, think about bringing on a partner with a complementary skill set and willingness to manage the aspects of the business that you no longer want to oversee.

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