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In 2010, a jury disregarded Daniel's claims by finding him guilty, the judge sentencing the man to life in prison plus 22 years for incest, statutory rape, felony murder, and abandonment of a corpse.

Born to a traditional Amish family in 1987, Anna Slabaugh often got into trouble for what was considered unacceptable Amish behavior like being naughty in church and wearing her cap improperly.

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One time, the couple's mother, Susan, walked in on the couple making love and reported the matter to the police.However, in 2009, one of the daughters, Hayley, escaped from the home and called the Harrisonville, Missouri police.Hayley told officers that Ashley had given birth to four of her father's children with three of them dying.Anna then tried to seek help from her church, a woman's shelter, a social worker, and her neighbors -- all to no avail.In fact, when the Swartzentruber Amish community learned that Anna had tried to report what was happening to her, she was considered an outcast.

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