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Dubbed "Let's Make A Duel," the competition began with Danielle (the outgoing Ho H) getting to decide which two houseguests would face off and attempt to correctly answer which eliminated houseguest had made a comment Julie would read aloud.

The first houseguest to correctly answer the question would get to remain in the Ho H competition and decide which two other remaining competitors would compete in the next face-off.

The other face-off participant would be eliminated from the competition and the face-offs would continue until only one houseguest was left.

Unsurprisingly, Julie's well-documented ineptitude appeared to have an impact on the competition's outcome.

Jessica promptly shared the "backdoor" plan with Eric, giving him plenty of time to notify Jameka Cameron, Dustin Erikstrup and Amber Siyavus -- the other three members of the fairly loose "Late Night Crew" alliance that had previously also included Danielle and Dick -- of Danielle and Dick's plan and get their assurances that even if Danielle did nominate Eric as a replacement nominee, they would not vote for his eviction."[So it's] the mystery vote again, right," a frustrated Dick shot back.After Kail's elimination was revealed, the rest of the houseguests -- excluding Danielle, who ineligible as the outgoing Ho H, and Jameka, who was ineligible due to her Po V sacrifice -- competed in the sixth Ho H competition.Dustin resisted Amber's suggestions and insisted that it was too soon for their alliance to turn on Eric, however Amber continued talking with Dick and Danielle and later told Dustin that if he wouldn't vote for Eric then she'd just betray her previous promise and vote for him herself. [and] think with your head in the game." After getting Dustin's promise that he'd vote for Eric, Amber -- now confident that Eric would be leaving the house shortly -- launched into a loud, emotional rant in which she confronted Eric about his plan to eventually use the "lies that I said to my boyfriend when I was on drugs" against her. " -- a question many home viewers would no doubt also like to pose to Amber, who has also been caught making anti-Semitic remarks on the show's live Internet feeds -- shouted at Eric, who sat silently through the previously-recorded tirade that aired during last night's broadcast that featured the live voting that resulted in Kail's eviction. "You're so lucky that I swore on my daughter's life because I don't want to give you that vote.Recognizing that he no longer had any hope of convincing Amber that she was playing right into Dick's hands, Dustin (despite the fact that he apparently had no plans to actually do so) told Amber that he'd vote for Eric and prevent Amber from having to go back on her word. You got Nick out of here -- you fucking set him up -- you're a piece of shit and you're fucking going home.

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